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EntryID is a time and attendance solution that allows you to oversee and organise all visitors and staff on site without the hassle and upkeep of the usual paper sign in book.

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Visitor Management

Sign your visitors in with our easy sign in and out terminal allowing you to track all visitors and store their information as per your retention policy.


Staff Time Management

Track time and attendance with EntryID, staff can quickly sign in with a contactless ID card or door entry fob on the touchscreen terminal. Using the admin dashboard you can view all the clock-ins, print off an individual report or see the monthly time on site. Perfect for safeguarding, Health and Safety and even HR.

School ID

School ID is a great time saver for the visitors you often welcome to the school, you can print them a visitor badge  on the printer included for them to keep. This allows them to sign in and out when they visit. It is great for volunteers or contractors you may have in for a whole week. You can manage and revoke passes at anytime on the admin panel. Another great use for School ID is to create a temporary ID badge for supply teachers, allowing them to sign in and out and for you to track their time and attendance on site.

More Features

Here is some more of what EntryID can do to support your school, to see

the full potential, book an on-site demo or remote webinar.

Emergency Registers

In case of an emergency, you can print off a register of all Staff and Visitors at the click of a button


GDPR Compliant

The system fully complies with GDPR regulations, only authorised people can view staff and visitor information with all data encrypted


Depending on each individual schools needs, you can have access to multiple sign in points on one site or over multiple sites, all linked together


Daily, weekly or monthly information on each staff member and visitor showing exact clock times 

Policy Agreements

Each school can specify policy agreements they require visitors to comply with when signing in

Cost Effective

With school budgets becoming tighter, EntryID offers a quality service at competitive rates

NEW - Mini Staff Terminal

We are proud to add the latest addition to EntryID, The Mini Staff Terminal.
If you have a large site with multiple entrances asking the staff to come to one central EntryID terminal to sign in and out everyday can be a big ask. With the Staff Mini Terminal you can deploy this 10″ terminal at as many points on site as needed allowing staff to sign in and out easily.


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Frequently Asked Questions


We have answered a few questions we get frequently to help you. If you have any other questions please just get in touch.

What are the annual costs and what is included?

Annual support and updates costs £399 per year and includes unlimited support, minor updates and the licence fee.

Can we use our existing ID card / Door entry tags?

This was fundamental to us when developing EntryID, nobody wants to be carrying multiple ID’s or key fobs! We can read 99% of proximity cards and fobs. Please contact us and we will be able to advise you.     

What warranty is included?

EntryID includes a 3 year hardware warranty. 

Can I add modules at a later date?

Of course! EntryID was built to be modular and customisable. Every school is different, EntryID adapts to how you work.

Where do I get replacement visitor pass labels?

We have built an online shop for your convenience to purchase consumables, spares and extras. You can pay via Debit/Credit card or even purchase order! Visit our Online Shop.

What if we have any issues?

Our support team are always on hand to help!

Our Online Shop

Have a look around our online shop, you can purchase all the supplies for EntryID.

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