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School ID

School ID is a great time saver for the visitors you often welcome to the school, you can print them a visitor badge on the printer included for them to keep. This allows them to sign in and out as and when they visit. It is great for volunteers or contractors you may have in for a whole week. You can manage and revoke passes at anytime on the admin panel. Another great use for School ID is to create a temporary ID badge for supply teachers, allowing them to sign in and out and for you to track their time and attendance on site  



Track Time & Attendance

Supply Teachers, Contractors or any regular visitor, School ID allows you to track their time on site

Minimal Cost ID Card

Create an ID card on the included printer. This allows you to ensure anyone free to walk around site has an ID card for minimal cost

Save Time

Using School ID your regular visitors can sign in and out unlike visitors. This saves time for anyone that is regularly on site

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