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EntryID Features

See an insight on how EntryID works and how it can help your school

Visitor Management

Sign your visitors in with our easy sign in and out terminal allowing you to track all visitors and store their information as per your retention policy

School ID

School ID is a great time saver for the visitors you often welcome to the school, you can print them a visitor badge  on the printer included for them to keep. This allows them to sign in and out when they visit. It is great for volunteers or contractors you may have in for a whole week. You can manage and revoke passes at anytime on the admin panel. Another great use for School ID is to create a temporary ID badge for supply teachers, allowing them to sign in and out and for you to track their time and attendance on site  

Staff Time & Attendance

Track time and attendance with EntryID, staff can quickly sign in with a contactless ID card or door entry fob on the touchscreen terminal. Using the admin dashboard you can view all the clock-ins, print off an individual report or see the monthly time on site. Perfect for safeguarding, Health and Safety and even HR

More Features

Visitor Management

Easy sign in and out software allowing you to track all visitors and store their information as per your retention policy

Staff management

Quick key fob or ID card access for all staff members, giving you information on when and where each staff member signed in and out 

Access from any device

Have our EntryID dashboard software on any device you want, from iPad to laptop which will allow site wide access


Emergency Register

In case of an emergency, you can print off a register at the click of a button of all Staff and Visitors


Daily, weekly or monthly information on each staff member and visitor showing exact clock times 

GDPR compliant

System fully complies with GDPR regulations, only authorised people can view staff and visitor information with all data encrypted

Policy Agreements

Each school can specify policy agreements they require visitors to comply with when signing in


Depending on each individual schools needs, you can have access to multiple sign in points on one site or over multiple sites, all linked together

Cost effective

With school budgets becoming tighter, EntryID offers a quality service at competitive rates  

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